Being Well

P9270321The “Being Well”   programme will be available for all SCHOC patients and their families in the second half of 2015. Currently, you or your family members can meet with our Psychologist; dietitian and/or massage therapist or one of our specialist cancer nurses if you wish”

Our facility at 10 King St, Buderim, was designed with Wellness and Being Well as the centre of our care philosophy.  We have designed the facility in amongst 6 km of bushland and public walks, where the patient treatment chairs face the beautiful view of the Sunshine Coast and these wonderful parklands.  “Being Well” begins with this calm beautiful environment.

In conjunction with the wonderful staff, doctors and the beautiful calming environment, we will soon be offering lectures, group workshops and one-to-one sessions on subjects such as eating for maximum health, coping with low mood and anxiety, going back to work, or understanding the medical specifics of your condition. The programme is planned to be is suitable for any patient, with any type of cancer, at any stage of treatment, and beyond. We will also offer sessions aimed at family and carers.

Our aim is for this programme to be up and running by second half of 2015.