Reduce Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss With The Cold Caps/Scalp Cooling Treatment

Reduce Chemotherapy Induced Hair Loss With The  Cold Caps/Scalp Cooling Treatment

First in to Queensland to reduce Chemotherapy induced hair loss with the Cold Caps/Scalp cooling treatment

One of the most frequent questions we hear from patients when they discover they need Chemotherapy is, Am I going to lose my Hair?

We are proud to announce that Montserrat Cancer Care are the first in Queensland to officially offer patients a scalp cooling treatment (Paxman) that can prevent Hair loss caused by certain Chemotherapy drugs.

The treatment is clinically proven to be an effective way of patient-01combating Chemotherapy-induced hair loss and results in a high level of hair retention. It can be used with all solid tumor Cancers that are treated with chemotherapy drugs such as Taxanes (eg docetaxel), Alklating agents (eg cyclophosphamide) and anthracyclines/DNA intercalating agents (eg doxorubicin). The treatment cannot be used with Haematological malignancies, cold allergy suffers, cold agglutinin disease, presentation of scalp metastases and disease requiring imminent bone marrow ablation chemotherapy.

How does it work? The Paxman system causes blood vessel vasoconstriction, which reduces blood flow in the scalp to 20-40 % of the normal rate, resulting in less chemotherapeutic drug being delivered to the hair follicles. The drug infusion rate across the plasma membrane is reduced therefore decreasing the drug dose level entering the cells around the scalp. The system has been treating tens of thousands of patients annually throughout the world with a success rate from 56% to 73%. Efficacy studies in the United Kingdom show 89% efficacy. A comprehensive Clinical evidence report can be found at:

We will be offering this as an additional treatment to our patients who met the criteria at no cost.

fb-iconFurther information can be found on Facebook ( Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic Friends), at the Paxman website:, or by calling Clinical Nurse Manager Kim McCullough on: (07) 5479 0000.