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An introduction to our dedicated team


REARDON, Dr John - 03 - 2015Dr John REARDON

Medical Oncologist / Clinical Haematologist

MBBS (Qld), FRACP, FRCPA (1992)

Dr John Reardon is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA, 1992), with specialist qualifications in Medical Oncology and Clinical Haematology.

Following his basic training, Dr Reardon commenced his Physician training at the Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital in Brisbane. Subsequent to this, advanced training in Haematology and Oncology was undertaken at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, Greenslopes and Royal Brisbane Hospitals.

Relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Dr Reardon commenced private practice in 1992. Later that same year, he established the Haematology and Oncology unit at Nambour General Hospital.

In 1998, responding to an unmet need, Dr Reardon together with his wife Sandra, founded and established the Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic at Cotton Tree. Since that time, the Clinic has become a highly-valued facility on the Sunshine Coast, consistently delivering quality care to patients with cancers and blood disorders.


SHUE, Dr Hong - 02 - 2013Dr Hong SHUE

Medical Oncologist

MBBS (Monash), FRACP

Dr Shue is a fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) with specialist qualifications in Medical Oncology. Areas of interest include, but are not limited to, the management of pulmonary, gynaecologic and genitor-urinary malignancies.

Following his graduation from Monash University in 1995, Dr Shue completed the majority of his Physicians Training at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, with extensive exposure to both Medical Oncology (especially breast and gynaecologic malignancies) and Haematology.

Advanced training in Medical Oncology was subsequently undertaken at Royal Brisbane and Womens’, Princess Alexandra and Prince Charles Hospitals in Brisbane, together with a 12-month placement at Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic in 2009.

On completion of his advanced training, Dr Shue joined the team at Sunshine Coast Haematology and Oncology Clinic, commencing full-time private practice in 2012.


SHAVAKSHA, Dr Sorab - 02 - 2013Dr Sorab SHAVAKSHA

Clinical Haematologist


Dr Shavaksha is a Fellow of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (FRACP) and Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (FRCPA) with specialist qualifications in haematology. Doctor’s clinical interests include myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative disorders, leukaemias, lymphomas and red blood cell disorders.

Following his graduation from the University of Leeds in the UK, Dr Shavaksha completed his subsequent Physician and Haematology training in Brisbane, predominantly at the Royal Brisbane Hospital.

In 2013, Dr Shavaksha relocated to the Sunshine Coast and commenced full-time private practice in haematology services.



Clinical Haematologist


Dr Joshua Richmond is a Clinical & Laboratory Haematologist who has recently commenced Private Practice at Buderim on the Sunshine Coast, in addition to his Staff Specialist appointment at The Sunshine Coast University Public Hospital.

Joshua is a passionate and personable Haematologist who’s priorities center around providing his patients with the best possible care. This means a few key things:
• Understanding that each patient is a unique individual, but also part of a unique family unit. He is careful to ensure each patient receives thorough and professional care, and is allowed time to ask questions, and encourages open and clear communication.
• Having a strong focus on current best practice by keeping up to date with developments in the field of Haematology and participating in professional development and teaching.
• Developing and maintaining professional relationships with colleagues to offer consults or collaboration with the focus of providing the best patient centered care.

Josh completed his Medical Degree, with Honors, in 1998. Since then he has worked in various major public hospitals in South East Queensland. He completed his General Practitioners Fellowship in 2004 before returning to pursue his Physician’s Fellowship in 2005. In 2011 he completed his Clinical and Laboratory Fellowship in Haematology and then accepted a position at Toowoomba Base Hospital, allowing him to pursue work in both a clinical and laboratory capacity

With the lure of a sea change and an opportunity to give his three children a coastal lifestyle similar to his own childhood, Joshua is looking forward to developing a practice on the Sunshine Coast that will allow him to offer a full and comprehensive Haematology service locally.


PITCHER, Lydia-Photo-2015Dr Lydia PITCHER

Haematologist / Oncologist + Paediatric Haematologist


Dr Pitcher is a dual qualified Haematologist / Oncologist with Fellowships in both the College of Physicians (FRACP) and the College of Pathologists FRCPA). She has been involved in Paediatric Medicine for more than 20 years, with an increasing involvement in adult haematology and women’s health during the past 10 years

Graduating with honours in Medicine (MBBS) in 1987, Dr Pitcher undertook her initial post-graduate study of haematology in Queensland at the RBWH and Mater Hospitals. Advanced training was completed as an Honorary Registrar at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children in London.

Dr Pitcher has been actively involved in research and medical ethics throughout her career with publications and presentations in the fields of malignant haematology, stem cell transplantation, molecular genetics of leukaemia and inherited stem cell disorder, haemophilia, paediatric thrombosis, neonatal blood disorders, aplastic anaemia, iron deficiency and late effects of therapy.

Her interests include the assessment of problems with blood counts (such as anaemia, neutropenia, thrombocytopenia), bleeding and clotting issues, thalassaemia, and the long term follow up of patients after chemotherapy and transplant for leukaemia or lymphoma (late effects of therapy). She has broad experience in the diagnosis and management of leukaemia and stem cell transplant


SHAW, Tania - 02a - Photo - 05.02.15Tania SHAW

Remedial, Complex Lymphatic and Oncology Massage Therapist

Tania received her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2003, going on to qualify in Oncology Massage and Complex Lymphatic Therapy with internationally recognised providers of education when she recognised the need for appropriately trained massage therapists on the Sunshine Coast.

Tania is the QLD Coordinator and Facilitator for internationally renowned Oncology Massage Training. She facilitates Modules 1 and 2, created and developed the Advanced Tutorial program for qualified therapists, and regularly travels to provide these programs in regional areas of Queensland and the Northern Territory. She is also Oncology Massage Training’s Social Media Manager and Course Content Supervisor for Modules 1 and 2, the Advanced Tutorial and Mini-Tutorials.

Working daily with the unique experiences that Oncology Massage brings has brought a high level of awareness to Tania’s work, as well as building a profound knowledge base from which to draw upon. She has developed advanced rehabilitative techniques based on this experience and, working holistically, uses them for scar mobilisation; range of movement difficulties and other issues that may arise from the treatment of cancer. Pre-existing issues are taken into account when deciding upon an appropriate course of treatment.
Tania provides education around self-care to empower and facilitate well-being; an important factor in the therapeutic treatment process. To this end, she has co-created the LymphDIY resources: Lymphatic Drainage books and DVDs for those who have had lymph nodes removed or irradiated.

Whilst she focuses on those who are living with the physical effects from treatment for cancer, Tania also offers her massage skills and services to extended family and friends.


HIGGINS, Sarah - 01 - PhotoSarah HIGGINS

Accredited Practising Dietitian-Nutritionist (APD/APN)
BHSc (Nut&Diet), BLeisMgt, APD/AN

Sarah is an accredited Clinical Dietitian with 13 years’ experience working in a variety of clinical areas within the public and private health sectors in Bundaberg, Cairns and on the Sunshine Coast, with many of those years working in oncology and palliative care where her special interest lies.

Sarah was appointed to the role of Senior Dietitian for Cancer Services at Nambour General Hospital in 2007 and is currently Project Manager exploring alternative patient-centred model of care. Her passion for providing high quality, evidence based nutritional therapy for cancer patients was strengthened through a Cancer Council Study and Travel grant, which has led to her active involvement in planning and development of dietetics services on the sunshine coast.

Sarah enjoys working in a team environment and appreciates the value this brings to patient care. She draws on evidence-based nutrition science as the foundation of her consultations, incorporating this into the provision of practical nutrition advice aimed at managing symptoms and improving the quality of life for those diagnosed with cancer.

Sarah enjoys a work-life balance spending valuable time with her husband and two daughters whilst working part-time. Sarah embraces the Sunshine Coast culture of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating.


GOLDFINCH, Jesse - Photo - 01a - 20.10.15Jesse GOLDFINCH

Exercise Physiologist

Jesse is an accredited Exercise Physiologist and Exercise and Sports Science Australia Member. Jesse graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science.

Jesse has a big interest in implementing exercise as a treatment strategy to help with chronic conditions in the elderly, strength and conditioning in young athletes / healthy adults and a holistic approach to a healthier lifestyle. Jesse is continually thinking outside the box with his clients – he looks for areas that can be improved upon and sets out to make those improvements. Jesse is committed to learning new skills that will help with better client performance and goal outcomes.

He has had previous experience at the Healthy Hearts Cardiac Clinic at the University of the Sunshine Coast, working with cardio-respiratory rehabilitation clients. He has had experience with neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitative clients in private clinics on the Sunshine Coast. Jesse also studied abroad during his university degree in the largest sports university in Europe, the Cologne Sports University, Germany.

Jesse has experience working with clients of all ages, professions and sporting backgrounds. Growing up, Jesse was very active and competed in a variety of sports. Whether it’s playing AFL for the Maroochydore Roos, surfing the breaks along the Sunshine Coast coastline or general fitness, Jesse lives and breathes movement.


Whilst you are undergoing treatment at our Clinic, a dedicated and professional team of nursing staff will be caring for you.

All of our nursing staff are Registered Nurses with oncology / chemotherapy administration training and experience.

Our nursing staff ensure that people understand their treatment. They take the time to listen to problems that people may be experiencing and work with them to eliminate / lessen these issues. Before being discharged, relevant information and advice is provided to all patients so they are able to make informed decisions on their future self-care.

Please do not hesitate to ask the Clinic staff questions if there is something you do not understand.




DSC_0244The medical and nursing team are supported by a skilled administration team.

This team is trained to efficiently assist you with all clerical duties, including appointment scheduling and accounting issues.

Our friendly staff are available to take you phone calls and assist you where possible.



Clinic 21 - 312Morning / afternoon tea or lunch is provided to our patients. Our friendly catering staff will collect your order during the course of the day.

The culinary delights are a highlight of peoples’ visits to the Clinic. Freshly brewed coffee, a selection of teas and fruit juices together with gourmet sandwiches, cheese platters, and sweet and savoury refreshments, are enjoyed as people undergo their treatment.